5 myths of document automation for SME businesses

Not sure if document automation is for your SME business? Maybe one of the below sounds familiar…

We don’t have enough volume.

We already have templates in Word.

Our legal team sorts all of this stuff for us.

We just get email confirmation for contracts.

Each document only takes me 30 minutes, so it’s not an issue.

These are just some of the things stopping SME businesses pursuing document automation. They have always felt that automation is for the big players, the enterprises and the ones with deep pockets. Doc2 is changing all of this, opening up document automation to the SME market. With simple on-boarding, seamless document creation and frictionless eSigning, document automation has never been more accessible.

Now I’m going to clear the 5 myths of document automation below.

1. We don’t have enough volume.

Sending more than 3 contracts out per month? Perfect, you qualify for document automation. This likely means you are spending upwards of 2 hours manually editing templates, formatting, reformatting, uploading, emailing, copy & pasting and everything else that comes with it. With automation, we can save you nearly all of that time, so you can focus on your day-to-day business. With minimal setup times and a seamless user interface, even on what appear low volumes, you can save significant amounts of time as well as benefit from the other features of Doc2.

Sending more than 10 per month? What are you even waiting for? Get in contact today (click the button at the bottom of this article!).

2. We already have templates in Word.

Perfect. This is what Doc2 automates. You have templates with lots of things that look like this in them; [Insert company name here] or [Date of agreement] or [Delete this paragraph if not applicable]… We get rid of these for you and provide you with an elegant, user-friendly interface to create your documents in seconds. You simply answer questions, specific to your business to create exactly the same document from your template in a fraction of the time.

3. Our legal team sorts all of this stuff for us.

Would it not be great if you could create contracts, knowing that the legal team has complete oversight? Picture this, you can answer a few simple questions set by the legal team to create the contract. You can get your contracts sent out quickly for eSigning. The legal team can set the parameters, so they have complete control. You can do your business faster and more efficiently. Doc2 gives you this power.

In fact, it’s very possible that your legal team want to use legal tech. 60% of General Counsels believe that legal technology will further improve the accuracy of legal work, Society for Computers and Law.

4. We just get email confirmation for contracts.

See, this is fine. But, wouldn’t it be better if you could get an actual legally binding eSignature, with a full audit trail appended to it… oh and it’s automatically filed for you? Doc2 allows you to do this.

5. Each document only takes me 20 minutes, so it’s not an issue.

Doc2 raises you 30 seconds. Create exactly the same document, from the template you already have, in a fraction of the time. 30 seconds compared to 20 minutes? I know which I would choose every single time. Oh, then multiply this by 10, 100 or a 1,000 across your organisation and those 20 minutes or half hours stack up very, VERY quickly.

The above should have demystified some of the myths around document automation that you may have had. But if you still have questions, or want to sign up to Doc2, do not worry, smply click on the button below and we can arrange either or both for you.


New Partnership: The Law Boutique

We’ve got some very exciting news for our current users and future users!

We have partnered with The Law Boutique, the 21st century startup lawyers trusted by the likes of Monzo, Babylon and Curve.

The Law Boutique specialises in startup law, providing their clients with bespoke contracts, contract review and on-going legal support. The Law Boutique and Doc2 are therefore a perfect fit, with The Law Boutique providing Doc2 ready bespoke contracts for your business.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a startup business and don’t have your contracts set up and ready, or, if you have contracts but want to make sure they’re watertight, The Law Boutique can help. Using their expert startup lawyers, they can advise and build your bespoke contract templates. Ready to get going? You can arrange a free of charge call with one of their lawyers here.

Want to find out more information? Head on over to our templates page for The Law Boutique.

Doc2, where it all began

Hey there! Welcome to the first ever Doc2 blog post.

In this post, I want to introduce the Doc2 story, some of the team and where it all began. My name is Josh Harris and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Doc2. I qualified as a Chartered Accountant at one of the ‘Big 4’ accounting practices in London and this is where the idea for Doc2 came from.

I would often find myself spending hours each week manually editing document templates, mainly; engagement letters, standard letters for clients or repetitive forms. This isn’t really what I wanted to be doing with my time, nor what our clients wanted me to be doing, hmmm.

Instead, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could just answer a few simple questions and these standard documents were created in seconds rather than, in some cases, hours.

Doc2 was born to alleviate this pain. A pain not only being suffered by me, but by businesses all over the world, every single day.



My Co-Founder, CTO and brother, Ben Harris has built the platform that is now helping SME businesses all over the UK. Our clients are creating and eSigning their repetitive documents in a fraction of the time that they were previously.

The idea was simple.

Let businesses speed up the processes they already do, from the templates they already have.

The execution? Elegant and simple to use.

Doc2 had to be intuitive, beautiful, easy to navigate and transform the document creation and eSigning process. It’s all of those and will continue to be.

We’re just starting our story and we can’t wait for what is to come! Watch this space.

If you would like to book a demonstration of Doc2, please click the button below.