Empower your ARs to prosper with document automation

Drive network growth, regain document compliance and position yourself as a technology leader.

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Create your agreements
in seconds

Your existing templates become simple forms. Fill out the form and pull in data from your CRM or Companies House. Done.

Send to client with
a single click

Just click eSign and you can move onto the next task. No converting to PDF, uploading, emailing, printing or selecting where signatures go.

Your customers eSign
with ease

Your customers will love how easy and professional it is. You will love closing deals more quickly with less time spend on paperwork.

The NACFB partner for document automation and eSigning.

Discuss your AR network requirements with us Discuss your AR network requirements with us

Empower your ARs to take control of their deals

Give your Appointed Representatives the technology they require to quickly and compliantly create your template agreements with ease. Trust them to follow your processes, allowing them to work more autonomously and more efficiently.

  • Your ARs install your templates

    Using a private template library, your ARs can install your templates with a few clicks. Store your Terms of Business, Privacy Notices and other templates in one central place.

  • Individual accounts for each AR

    As each AR is their own limited company, they have their own separate accounts and log ins for data separation.

  • Your templates, customised for each AR

    Each AR inputs its business details and logo as part of the installation process. As a result, they use your template agreements, but they are fully bespoke to the AR.

Regain compliance and control over agreement templates

End the frustration of not knowing which templates your Appointed Representatives are using. Allow them to update to the latest version in a matter of clicks and get peace of mind over your document compliance.

  • Update template versions with ease

    Keep control of your templates, allowing ARs to install updates with just a few clicks.

  • Consistent documentation

    Ensure ARs use your documentation in the way that it has been designed.

Elevate your network's brand with technology

Building your AR network can be tough. Ensure they have the technology they need to prosper, so they pick you and not another AR network. Lead the pack with the leading document automation software.

  • eSigning for rapid completions

    Allow ARs to generate your documents and send them for eSigning in moments resulting in quicker completions.

  • Available on any device

    Access document generation and eSigning tools on any internet-enabled device. Don’t miss deals because you’re not at your laptop.

  • NACFB Recommended

    Use the only eSigning and automation provider recommended by the NACFB.

Andrew Pritchard
Andrew Pritchard
Director, Simple Commercial Finance
Simple Commercial Finance

It’s as simple as tapping in some details and the document is sent out. It really is that easy.

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See how Doc2 trumps standard eSigning

Professional commercial finance brokerage documents created, sent and eSigned in seconds for your ARs.

Don’t leave compliance down to chance. Let technology empower your ARs to provide a better service to their clients, whilst ensuring you still have the control you require.

Terms of Business

Pull data directly from Companies House, straight into Terms of Business documents. Engage with clients quickly and professionally.

Privacy Notices

Send Privacy Notices to prospective clients in seconds. Make the engagement process quick and simple.


Other templates? Just ask. We work closely with networks to ensure their templates work for them.

Concierge onboarding
Our experts will set up your templates for you

Your time is precious, so our expert team will set up your templates for you! Your trial doesn't start until your template has been set up.

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Josh Harris
Josh Harris

Why Doc2?

I started my career at a Big 4 accounting firm, where I qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Frustrated with creating contracts manually, I thought there had to be a better way to create repetitive documents. A way that ensured that the latest template was always used, a way that pulled in the data from Companies House, a way that made it easy for our clients to sign and a way that wasn’t boring, complex or prone to human error.

That’s why we created Doc2. To allow finance professionals all over the UK to create, send and eSign their Agreements and other template-driven documentation in seconds.

What are you waiting for?

No credit card required.

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Built for AR networks

Template Library

Your templates in a private central library, allowing your ARs to install them in minutes. No Microsoft Word is required.

Management Portal

Maintain control and oversight over your broker network using the management portal.

Custom Branding

Each AR can have their own custom branded versions of your standard agreement templates.

Find out how automation can supercharge your AR network

Utilising proven technology to empower your ARs will help you regain control over your document compliance, close deals more quickly and grow your network.

Discuss your AR network requirements with us