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Bring your own templates, we do the the rest. Getting contracts created and signed has never been so easy. Thousands of users can't be wrong.

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For commercial finance brokers and AR broker networks

As the NACFB document and eSigning partner, paperwork is now easier than ever. Waiting days for clients to sign documents is a thing of the past and you can demonstrate your compliance with ease.

Not a finance broker?
No problem

Clients in a wide range of industries love working with Doc2. Keep reading to see how Doc2 solves your contract pains.

Create your agreements
in seconds

Your existing templates become simple forms. Fill out the form and pull in data from your CRM or Companies House. Done.

Send to client with
a single click

Just click eSign and you can move onto the next task. No converting to PDF, uploading, emailing, printing or selecting where signatures go.

Your customers eSign
with ease

Your customers will love how easy and professional it is. You will love closing deals more quickly with less time spend on paperwork.

Create professional documents 10x faster

Our technology allows you to create the same documents you currently do in a fraction of the time.

  • Use your existing templates
  • Complete simple forms to create documents
  • Pull data directly from Companies House

Contract compliance solved

  • Full template version control
  • Integrations maximise data quality
  • Track document lifecycles
  • Audit logs and eSigning certificates

It makes you look professional

Impress clients with consistently branded documents, emails and eSigning pages.

  • Easy and professional eSigning
  • Custom branding at every step
  • Works on any device
Andrew Pritchard
Andrew Pritchard
Simple Commercial Finance

It’s as simple as tapping in some details and the document is sent out. It really is that easy.

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Easily manage all of your templates in one place

Access all of your templates and documents from anywhere, on any device. What's not to love?

No more
.v5-FINAL-NewMaster.docx 😈

Ensure your team always use the latest template, eradicating out-of-date template risks.

I want to automate my...
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  • Engagement Letter
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Terms of Business
  • Service Agreement
  • Letter of Authority
  • Order Form
  • Contract

Takes seconds. Zero admin. Totally secure.

Master Template

This agreement is created by and between Your Company AND [[CompanyName]], a company registered in England & Wales under company number [[CompanyNumber]], whose registered address is at [[RegisteredAddress]].

  1. You create documents faster by answering simple questions
  2. The platform creates a perfect document and doesn't just overlay text on a PDF
  3. Uses your existing Word templates

Signed by Customer Name
on behalf of [[CompanyName]]

Authorised Signature

Concierge onboarding
Our experts will set up your templates for you

Your time is precious, so our expert team will set up your templates for you! Your trial doesn't start until your template has been set up.

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We're already supporting businesses in your industry

Finance brokers

Ensure compliance with accurate, branded, onboarding documents.

AR Broker networks

Drive network growth, gain document compliance and be a tech leader.

Energy brokers

Professional documents delivered to your clients for eSigning in seconds.


Exceed client expectations with professional documents in seconds.

Boutique law

Ensure compliance with accurate, branded, onboarding documents.

R&D and tax advisory

Close deals quickly and compliantly with branded engagement documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our document/contract automation platform turns your existing Word templates into online forms. You can then generate bespoke and unique documents by simply answering the questions.

If you have a ‘master template’ document that you usually manually update, we can likely automate it for you. Our clients use our automated document creation for a wide range of documents and contracts, including Engagement Letters, Service Agreements, Contracts, Employment Contracts, Letters of Authority and NDAs. Not sure if we can automate your document? Get in touch!

Absolutely. We support you through the whole contract automation lifecycle. Once generated, you can send your documents for eSigning with a couple of clicks. No uploading, selecting where signatures go or emails. Doc2 automates it all for you.

Very easy. You don't have to do it at all. You simply upload your existing document templates and we do the rest through our concierge template setup service.

Yes. You can download all documents in either PDF or Word format.

The integration automatically pulls live data such as company names, registration numbers and registered addresses straight into your contracts and documents. This helps minimise errors through manual data input and helps you to generate perfect documents every time.

Doc2 is unashamedly focused on helping businesses speed up the creation of their documents. Seamlessly integrated eSigning completes the process.

Yes - just sign up for a free trial. Get full platform access for 14 days (no credit card required). The trial only starts once your template is up and running.