Better contract creation and eSigning for your unique business

Create contracts faster from your existing business templates with fewer errors and improved compliance.

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“Great company to do business with and a highly intuitive, simple to use interface that gets our documents sent quickly, signed and filed enabling us to do business faster.”

Simple yet powerful

The basics explained in 60 seconds

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Doc2 does the hard work for you

Doc2 is a flexible, cloud based contract creation automation platform, designed to increase the speed, efficiency and quality of template-based document production for businesses of all sizes.

Rapid Creation

Save up to 75% of contract creation time by minimising repetition and maximising value-adding tasks.

Version Control

Ensure your staff are using the latest template versions, minimising legal, compliance and reputational risks.

Companies House

Information can be pulled directly from Companies House into your contracts.

Easy Deployment

Already have your template set up in Word? Drop it into Doc2 and deploy it quickly and easily.

Designed for your business

Find out how Doc2 is helping businesses in your industry with their contract creation and eSigning needs.

Grant and R&D tax advisory

Your clients have high expectations, you have tight deadlines and work long hours. So why let simple documents such as Engagement Letters and NDAs hold up the process?


Doc2 offers complete oversight of your contracts ensuring Terms of Business, Offer Letters and Onboarding Documents are created, sent and eSigned quickly.

Debt Recovery

Create custom Engagement Letters and Terms of Service contracts fast with Companies House integration and frictionless eSigning.

Save time and money

Do you have master templates you update manually? We help you automate your contract creation and eSigning processes, saving your business time and money.

A small business creating 5 documents per week could save


A larger business creating 25 documents per week could save

Create Terms of Business Joe Bloggs Doc2 Limited specific term or details for this contract

Create Contracts

Just answer your businesses questions to create contracts, from your templates! Created in seconds, time and time again.

  1. Upload your existing master templates
  2. Speed up workflow with intelligent autocomplete fields
  3. Pull data from Companies House

Effortless eSigning

Send created contracts to be eSigned instantly. There’s none of that annoying “select where you want the signature“ – our platform does it for you.

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Audit Logs

Full Compliance

Be safe in the knowledge that you know the who, what, when and where for every single contract. Peace of mind for contract complaince and oversight has never been easier.

Third-party integrations

Pull information from Companies House and HubSpot directly into your contracts as you create them.

The United Kingdom’s registrar of companies. Get the details right first time with live company data straight in your contracts.

The leading CRM for small and medium-sized businesses. Work faster by pulling contact information directly into your contracts.

Safe & Secure

We take data security seriously. Our servers are hosted with AWS, utilise secure containers and follow industry best practices.


Our platform supports businesses in many industries, helping them to streamline and improve their contract creation process.

Template Assist

Need a hand with your templates. Our legal partners are able to assist you with all your document creation needs.

Streamline your contract creation process

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Experience “the ultimate tool for automating your contracts and agreements”

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Tried, Tested & Trusted

Best decision we have made to switch to them.

We were forced to review our options when a renewal price from the previous company went up, even though usage went down. I came across DOC2 and can honestly say it is the best decision we have made to switch to them.

Mark Whitton
Yorkshire Gas & Power
We are very impressed with the service…

We are very impressed with the service we have received so far from Doc2. The platform is well designed and easy to use, and the support has been fantastic throughout. Would definitely recommend.

Danielle Meakin
Smart Recruit Online
Simple to use

The product is simple to use and provides a good user experience both for us a user as well as for our contacts that are receiving the documents for electronic signature.

David Martin
Ether Solutions
Best functionality I have used in its domain

It is not very often that I come across an app that is designed exactly how it needs to be. No superfluous functionality.

Designed and fit for purpose, out of the box.

Great job guys.

Matthew Peck
Market Rocket
User friendly document creation for our recruitment agency

Doc2 has allowed us to dramatically reduce time in the creation and signing of terms of business with clients. The software has streamlined a previously messy, manual process and it has assisted in making our business professional and engaging when onboarding new clients.

The team at Doc2 were responsive and proactive both during the short set up period and since we adopted the software. As the business grows we will continue to use Doc2 to underpin document creation and signing due to the reduction in time and cost of a previously manual process. Great value and a secure, user-friendly product.

Andrew Murphy
Ceres Resourcing Limited
Highly intuitive, simple to use interface

Great company to do business with and a highly intuitive, simple to use interface that gets our documents sent quickly, signed and filed enabling us to do business faster.

Doc2 are the bees knees, couldn’t recommend them enough.

Giles Goodman
PayFor Limited