Custom Branding: Consistent branding at every touchpoint

Elevate your brand with Custom Branding for eSigning. Ensure your logo is front and centre of every email and eSigning page.

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Andy Munson
Yorvik Business Finance

The professional process added brand value and delights new customers.

Andy Munson
Managing Director,
Yorvik Business Finance
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Clients immediately recognise your brand with your logo front and centre on emails.

Featured on all eSign requests, information requests and eSigned emails.

Consistent branding makes you look more professional.

Your logo on the page where your clients eSign your documents, building trust and professionalism.

Develop trust and get more documents eSigned.

Your clients know that you have sent them the document and it will improve the number of documents that get signed.

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After uploading your first template, you can set your logo for Custom Branding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Custom Branding is on the Premium plan and above.

Your logo will appear on every email that your clients receive from Doc2, on the eSigning page and also on the eSigned page.

It helps build trust in your brand for your prospects and clients.

Simply follow the steps in the 'Branding' section of Doc2 - in short, you just upload your logo in a PNG format.

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