Template Library: Sub-accounts can install your templates

Ensure compliance with centrally managed templates. They can be used by multiple organisations and updated across your network with ease.

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Andrew Pritchard
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It’s as simple as tapping in some details and the document is sent out. It really is that easy.

Andrew Pritchard
Simple Commercial Finance
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Easily distribute templates to sub-accounts

Host your templates in a private template library, within your management portal. Your sub-accounts can easily install these templates in their Doc2 account.

Regain compliance over your templates

Ensure your sub-accounts always have the latest version. When you make updates to your templates, these are pushed out to all organisations that have them installed.

Allows sub-accounts to add their logo

When templates are installed by your sub-accounts, they are able to add their logo and company details. They are not able to edit the content of the template.

Manage your templates in a template library

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Frequently Asked Questions

As part of the management portal, prices start from £250+VAT/month and are subject to a minimum number of sub-accounts.

No technical knowledge is required and our team work with you on your templates. This ensures that when your clients or sub-accounts install them into their own Doc2 accounts, they work seamlessly every single time.

Once the update has been published to your template library, all organisations who have installed the template will be required to update to the latest version. This ensures compliance with your templates.

You have total control over what they can customise. When installing a template from your template library, you can allow them to insert their business information. For example, their company name, address, registration number and logo.

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