Automate your energy brokerage's documents

Deliver letters of authorities and energy agreements to your clients in seconds.

Look professional and win the business every time.

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Create your agreements
in seconds

Your existing templates become simple forms. Fill out the form and pull in data from your CRM or Companies House. Done.

Send to client with
a single click

Just click eSign and you can move onto the next task. No converting to PDF, uploading, emailing, printing or selecting where signatures go.

Your customers eSign
with ease

Your customers will love how easy and professional it is. You will love closing deals more quickly with less time spend on paperwork.

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Deliver energy agreements and LoAs in seconds to your clients for eSigning

Speed of getting an agreement signed is paramount. Using Doc2, your agreements can be in your clients primary inbox in seconds. Make it easy for your clients to sign your agreements and you will make more sales.

  • Rapid email delivery

    Agreements delivered to your clients’ primary inbox in seconds.

  • 1-Click eSigning

    Really simple eSigning, improving conversion rates.

  • eSign reminders

    Don’t let prospects forget, send them a reminder.

Save 15 to 20 minutes per energy agreement

Save time on every agreement you create, allowing you to on focus on winning new business. Spend less time on admin and more time on providing value to your clients.

  • Create documents without using Word or PDF

    Fill out an online form, and click ‘Create document’, to generate your perfect agreement every single time.

  • Logical questions flows

    Only answer the questions that matter, with logical question flows.

  • Custom branded documents and eSigning

    Have your brand front and centre on your documents and eSigning pages.

Improve compliance and accuracy on every energy agreement

Using smart integrations, validation, verification and audit logs, you now have complete compliance over the documents you create and get signed.

  • Pull data from Companies House

    Pull through company names, addresses and registration numbers directly from Companies House.

  • Audit logs

    Clear and compliant audit logs, showing you exactly what happened and when.

  • User access controls

    Grant different access levels to different individuals within your teams.

Mark Whitton
Mark Whitton
Managing Director, EvoSave Gas & Power
EvoSave Gas & Power

Doc2 is the biggest tool for time saving and accuracy, by far, we have ever had.

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See how Doc2 trumps standard eSigning

Professional energy brokerage documents created, sent and eSigned in seconds.

Using your own agreement templates, you can now automate all of the admin and send your agreements for eSigning in seconds.

Letters of Authority

Generate your LoAs with just a few clicks, pulling company data from Companies House.

Gas Contracts

Send Gas Contracts for eSigning in seconds.

Electricity Contracts

Automate the generation of your Electricity Contracts with a few clicks.

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Our experts will set up your templates for you

Your time is precious, so our expert team will set up your templates for you! Your trial doesn't start until your template has been set up.

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Josh Harris
Josh Harris

I started my career at a Big 4 firm, where I qualified with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS).

Frustrated with creating Contracts’ manually, I thought there had to be a better way to create repetitive documents. A way that ensured that the latest template was always used, a way that pulled in the data from Companies House, a way that made it easy for our clients to sign and a way that wasn’t boring, complex or prone to human error.

That’s why we created Doc2. To allow B2B professionals all over the UK to create, send and eSign their Contracts and other template-driven documentation in seconds.

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Features designed to make getting contracts signed simple

Instant emails

Deliver LoAs and energy agreements to your clients primary email address near instantly.

1-Click eSigning

Allow your clients to eSign with ease.

Legally binding

Legally binding documents with complete audit trails give you peace of mind.

Download a free NDA template

A free UK NDA template to download as Word

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