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Effortless will creation thanks to Doc2 document automation

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Leicester, UK
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Torch Legal’s mission: “For years we have become frustrated with the lack of digital first legal services and when we looked at what was available – the online services replaced solicitors for cheaper members of staff and we didn’t think that was right.”

Creating wills at Torch Legal used to involve a Word template, a clause bank, a lot of copying, pasting and reformatting.

Taking upwards of 20 minutes for a first draft will, Torch Legal were searching for a way to create their documents quickly and accurately.

After implementing Doc2, first draft wills are now created in under 1 minute. They then go to solicitors for review.

Torch Legal was up and running within a day. As a result, Doc2 had paid for itself within a week.

Ben Morris

Personally, Doc2 saves me a day a week. Operating at speed, it is unimaginable to think how we would run Torch Legal without it.

Ben Morris, Co-Founder, Torch Legal
Minutes before Doc2

It took 20 minutes to fill data and create the first draft will

Minute with Doc2

Wills are now created with just 8 clicks


Solicitors can now spend their time on more valuable tasks

Torch Legal’s Challenges

Torch Legal had a Word template will with a clause bank. The template only had three clauses that did not change. Therefore, to create a will was taking a significant amount of time.

Simple data such as names, addresses, and wishes required a lot of heavy lifting to add into their template. Clauses had to be added and removed. And there was a lot of copying, pasting, reformatting and retyping information in multiple places.

Additionally, creating mirror wills would be a painful task as all of the data had to be replicated and flipped for the partner’s will.

Although very simple in nature, each will was taking Torch Legal upwards of 20 minutes to create before being sent for the solicitor to review.

How Doc2 Helped

Following implementation of Doc2, first draft wills are now created in under 1 minute.

All multiple entry of names, addresses and wishes has been completely removed and mirror wills are created with a single click.

Formatting has been set and agreed at a template level. Meaning, Torch Legal can now produce wills to a significantly higher level of consistency than was previously possible.

Solicitors and customers can trust and rely on Doc2. Accurate first draft wills are created in a matter of seconds, allowing Torch Legal to be a viable, competitive business.

What makes Doc2 special?

Create documents with natural language questions

Using logical natural language questions, enables the creation of your documents in a simple understandable manner.

Accurate and compliant documents are then built in seconds, based on your answers, using your templates.

Use your existing Word templates

Simply upload your existing Word templates into Doc2.

The concierge template set up team will set up your templates for you.

There is no need to learn complex code, meaning you can get going with ease.

User friendly interface

Navigating Doc2 is easy. It is beautifully designed, so you can create, send and eSign documents in seconds.

New employees can be trained in a matter of minutes. Meaning there is no need for complex user onboarding sessions.

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