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Simple Commercial Finance streamlines document creation, saving hours per deal

Simple Commercial Finance Limited
Hull, UK
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Simple Commercial Finance Limited is a commercial finance broker, acting as the middleman between clients and lenders to find the right lending solution. With a mission to help their clients find the right amount of lending at the right price, they pride themselves on their honesty, experience, and commitment to genuinely helping their clients.

Previously struggling with a legacy Word document system, Simple Commercial Finance Limited (SCF) found that document creation and signing was an arduous process, often taking up large swathes their days.

With the implementation of Doc2, SCF has been able to streamline this process, with documents now being produced, signed and returned by clients significantly faster.

As a result, SCF has been able to save hours per deal, improving efficiency and client relations.

Andrew can now focus on growing his business, and not on frustrating document issues that regularly occurred.

Andrew Pritchard

It’s as simple as tapping in some details and the document is sent out. It really is that easy.

Andrew Pritchard, Director, Simple Commercial Finance
Saved per deal

Confirmation Letters are completed in a fraction of the time, saving hours

Delivered emails

Ensuring a painless process for clients to digitally eSign

To use

Non-tech-savvy team members were able to use it straight away

Simple Commercial Finance’s Challenges

Before implementing Doc2, SCF was grappling with a legacy Word document system that made document creation and signing a time-consuming and frustrating process.

It involved typing into a Word document, realigning it, and then sending it as an attachment to clients, hoping they would download, sign and return it.

This process was not only time-consuming, but it also created room for errors and inconsistencies, negatively affecting both efficiency and professionalism.

They were aware this was impacting the speed of deals, but also how their clients viewed them. SCF knew they had to improve this process flow.

How Doc2 Helped

With the adoption of Doc2, SCF has been able to streamline their document creation and signing process, saving hours per deal.

The platform’s simplicity and effectiveness have made it easy for all team members to use, regardless of their technical abilities.

The speed at which documents can be created, sent, signed, and returned has significantly improved deal flow for them and their clients. It has allowed SCF to focus on other important tasks and the needs of their clients, rather than worrying about frustrating document issues.

“With Doc2, we can get on with our day. I’m not reacting to issues. I’m not having to spend an inordinate amount of time doing basic document tasks.”

What makes Doc2 special?

Create documents with questions

Using logical questions, enables the creation of your documents in a simple understandable manner.

Accurate and compliant documents are then built in seconds, based on your answers, using your templates.

Companies House integration

Lookup company data directly from Companies House. Pull company names, addresses and registration numbers into your contracts with a click.

Minimise copying and pasting, reduce human error and empower your employees to create contracts with ease.

Effortless eSigning for your clients

Send your documents to be eSigned with a click. Clients follow the unique link and simply type their name to eSign.

No downloading, printing or scanning. The eSigned document is then emailed to all parties with a signing certificate attached.

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