As an energy broker (or any type of broker) that uses Letters of Authority, we know that they can be fiddly and time-consuming. Or, sometimes clients can take ages to get them back to you. Therefore, it’s really important that you have a slick and user-friendly process in place to maximise the number that get signed!

So, in this post, we will look at how you could streamline your LoAs, increase signing rates a maximise the number of deals you close!

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What are Letters of Authority?

“A Letter of Authority (LOA) is a legal document that authorises a third party to correspond with service providers on behalf of you and your business.” (Source: Inenco)

In short, it’s an agreement that lets someone else act on your behalf. Pretty simple really.

Why is a streamlined process important?

Getting LoAs back from clients swiftly means you can start work sooner. As a result, you can make your clients happier and get paid more quickly. If you’re sending out multiple LoAs per day, even a small improvement in speed to sign can have a big impact on your company’s bottom line.

What parts of the LoA process are slow?

Okay, this list is long: opening Word, manually putting in a company name, registration number and address (often copying it from Companies House), saving the document as a PDF, setting the file name correctly, opening your emails, writing out an email, attaching the PDF, waiting for the client to print out the PDF, sign it, scan it back in and then send it back. Yes, there are a lot of steps there. Collectively they really add up! 

Streamlining each part of this process can greatly impact how you operate as a business.

Generate your Letter of Authority in seconds

Using the industry-leading technology can minimise the time spent creating, sending, monitoring and eSigning your LoAs. Watch how easy it is to do without touching Word, PDF or email.

Can I set up my own Letter of Authority template?

Do you have a Word template for a Letter of Authority that you wish you could automate in just a few clicks? If yes, then getting it set up is seriously easy. All you have to do is upload the Word version of your template, as it is, and we do the rest. You can be up and running in no time at all.

Upload your LoA template for automation

Video transcript

Today, we’re going to be looking at the use case of creating, sending and eSigning a Letter of Authority that could be in the energy or utility sector or any other industry.

So once you’ve got your Letter of Authority template setup, we’re going to simply click Create Document here, directly from the dashboard.

We are then presented with a list of questions that we need to answer, to create your bespoke Letter of Authority.

In this case here, we want to put in the business name, for example, Doc2, and we pull through data directly from Companies House such as the company number and we can pull through the registered address.

And of course, that can be changed if needed. We’ve got the default Valid For length here of 12 months. That can be changed as well, of course.

And then finally, we just need to put in the names of the directors in this case, we also pull through the director names directly from Companies House based on the company that we’ve selected.

We next click Create Document, and we use that data to create a completely unique and completely bespoke Letter of Authority here with the correct data in the correct positions.

Next, we just need to send it for eSigning by clicking eSign in the top right. The platform identifies exactly where the signatures go.

And all we do is put in the email address of the people that need to sign with and click send for eSigning.

They receive a completely unique link to sign that document and can sign that Letter of Authority with just a few simple clicks, meaning we can create, send eSign your Letters of Authority really, really quickly. Thank you.

I just want to eSign my Letters of Authority

Would you rather just eSign your document without automation? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Upload your completed LoA and start eSigning for free today. Yes, it’s totally free.

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