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Doc2 has agreed on a partnership with the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NAFCB) to become their preferred supplier for document automation and eSigning. With this partnership, members of the NAFCB can enjoy all the benefits of Doc2 at an exclusive members’ rate.

The 1000+ NAFCB members have access to Doc2 software to create and eSign documents, compliantly, efficiently, and professionally. Doc2 allows users to quickly create contracts and other deal-critical documentation from their existing templates, without the need for Word or PDFs. These documents can then be eSigned in seconds with a single click.

The partnership was formed following a successful three-month pilot. Josh Harris, Founder and CEO of Doc2 said,

“We are delighted to have formed a partnership with the NACFB, although it wasn’t a surprise. We ran a pilot and the feedback from all users indicated that our product absolutely exceeded their expectations, and provided a clear and measurable benefit with a rapid return on investment

The overwhelming majority of brokers who participated in the pilot of Doc2 have gone on to sign up for a paid plan. NACFB Managing Director, Norman Chambers commented:

“Partnering with Doc2 means we can offer our members access to the industry-leading document automation and eSigning software. Doc2 makes our members’ lives easier, resulting in an enhanced service to SMEs requiring funding”

Doc2 was established to address the tedium of creating engagement letters and other repetitive documents. Josh Harris, Founder and CEO of the company gained direct experience when he worked as a tax advisor for one of the ‘Big Four’ accountancy firms. This industry insight was key to success to design the right software that meets the needs of the brokers and other businesses.

Doc2 suits multiple different workflows tailored to meet each individual finance brokers requirements. Automated forms such as GDPR Consent Forms, Broker Agreements and Initial Disclosure Documents can be completed in seconds.

The platform helps brokers create professional documents easily and quickly without the need for Word or PDF. Time spent on administrative tasks is greatly reduced, whilst compliance is improved. It also has some clever features including being fully integrated with Companies House. This means that company information can be pulled directly into documents, ensuring accuracy every time. All these features make it a real asset to brokers.

The single biggest time saver I have encountered in my business so far to date. I save up to four days per deal as my clients are able to eSign documents on the go. Meaning our service levels significantly increase and the client gets funded even quicker”. Joe Barbera, Managing Director, Liquid Corporate Finance.

Brokers typically use a number of standard templated documents for engaging and serving clients. Each requires specific personalisation for every deal, a previously manual, slow and error-prone task. Following implementation, brokers spend less time on administration and have improved client satisfaction.

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About Doc2

Since its launch in 2019 Doc2 has been taking the UK eSigning market by storm. Doc2 helps organisations save time, and money whilst reducing legal and compliance risks through outstanding document creation automation and eSigning.

Doc2 is the brainchild of brothers Ben and Josh Harris. Ben started his first company whilst still at university. The entrepreneurial brothers have been working together on a number of different business projects since their teens. Ben is an experienced entrepreneurial software developer, Josh is a former corporate tax advisor working for one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms. The tedium of creating engagement letters and other repetitive documents led to the start of Doc2.


Established in 1992, the NACFB is the largest trade association for commercial finance brokers in the UK. The NACFB works in partnership with members to deliver the highest standards of professional expertise; working to the highest industry and regulatory standards.