If you’re a commercial finance broker and want to see how Doc2 can work for you, head over to our NACFB partner page.

We are delighted to announce that Doc2 has partnered with the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) as their preferred document automation and eSigning supplier. Doc2 is now available at a special member rate agreed exclusively with NACFB on behalf of their 1000 commercial finance brokers.

Members of NACFB enjoy the confidence that critical documents are created compliantly, efficiently and professionally. Members have been quick to recognise the benefits of using Doc2. The single biggest time saver I have encountered in my business so far to date, said Joe Barbera, Liquid Corporate Finance. (Read the full success story here)

NACFB Managing Director, Norman Chambers commented: “Partnering with Doc2 means we can offer our members access to the industry-leading document automation and eSigning software. Doc2 makes our members’ lives easier, resulting in an enhanced service to SMEs requiring funding”

In this blog, we cover the following:

  • The benefits Doc2 offers to Commerical Finance brokers
  • Explain what type of documents you can use with Doc2
  • Detail how Doc2 works for Commercial Finance brokers
  • Demonstrate the difference Doc2 makes to brokers
  • The story behind how the partnership was established from a pilot stage through to full collaboration…we had great feedback from day one.

So why have NACFB decided to partner with Doc2? Let’s dig into some of the details.

How can Commercial Finance Brokers benefit?

Doc2 is a great tool for automating contacts and agreements. The partnership between NACFB and Doc2 means that members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Using the Doc2 platform means that Brokers create professional documents easily and quickly without needing Word or PDF.
  • Document automation reduces the time spent on administrative tasks. Did you know that we are fully integrated with Companies House? Company information can be pulled into documents directly from Companies House.
  • Doc2 is not only easy for brokers to use, it’s also easy for clients to complete and signs documents in seconds.
  • Automate key documents, ensuring brokers have confidence in the compliance of their documents.

Broker success stories

Much as we like talking about the benefits and features of Doc2, we know that people considering using Doc2 for the first time want to hear from existing users. We have produced these three case studies to illustrate exactly how Doc2 works for brokers.

What documents can be automated?

Doc2 is flexible, it suits multiple different workflows tailored to meet the business of finance brokers. We have the following automated and ready for use.

  1. GDPR Consent Forms – You can start your credit searches quickly. GDPR consents forms are returned in minutes, not days.
  2. Terms of Business Agreements & Broker Client Agreements – As brokers, you can create your compliant terms without having the need to edit a Word or PDF document or email.
  3. Privacy Notice – Keep your privacy notices neatly filed and easily accessible in the Cloud.
  4. Introducer Agreements – Make it easy to grow your business with an onboard introduction in a couple of clicks.
  5. Initial Disclosure Document – You can collect data from your clients in seconds thus making funding quicker and easier

These are not all the documents we can automate. We can help to automate any template that you may be using, or maybe you are considering using a new template. We pride ourselves on our customer service- if you have any questions please get in touch to discuss your particular requirements

Smashing expectations

The pilot between Doc2 and NAFCB began early in 2022 and ran for 3 months. From the start, it was clear that the service Doc2 offered to NACFB members was a big hit with users. During and after the pilot period, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the brokers involved in the pilot.

“We are delighted to have formed a partnership with the NACFB, although it wasn’t a surprise. We ran a pilot and the feedback from all users indicated that our product absolutely exceeded their expectations, and provided a clear and measurable benefit with a rapid return on investment”. Josh Harris, Founder and CEO, Doc2.

The majority of brokers involved in the pilot phase have continued to use Doc2 on a paid plan. These users enjoy using Just eSign to support their user base. For more information about our eSign feature click here.

The most efficient way of getting legal doucments completed and signed; securely, accurately and speedily. Henry Audley- Charles, Commercial Director, SME Funding UK Ltd.

For more information about how Doc2 works check out this video.  For an informal chat then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.
If you’re a commercial finance broker and want to see how Doc2 can work for you, head over to our NACFB partner page.