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Liquid Corporate Finance reduced proposal completion times by four days due to fewer documentation delays

Liquid Corporate Finance
London, UK
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Voted the Most Client-Focused Broker 2022, Liquid Corporate Finance is an award winning credit brokerage, dedicated to helping SME’s across the UK acquire the finances to fund their growth and expansion.

NACFB registered business finance broker, Liquid Corporate Finance (LCF) used to struggle to get deal critical documents back from owner operated business directors in a timely manner.

Often out on site, directors could take up to four days to return GDPR statements and Offer Letters.

Since implementing Doc2, LCF’s clients are able to sign documents wherever they are on their mobile devices. Reducing admin and improving their experience as a client.

As a result, clients are funded more quickly and LCF are paid much sooner.

Joe Barbera

I save up to four days per deal as my clients are able to eSign documents on the go. Meaning our service levels significantly increase and the client gets funded even quicker.

Joe Barbera, Managing Director, Liquid Corporate Finance
Days saved per deal

Clients previously required a printer to sign documents, they can now be done on their mobiles

To deal with

Using Doc2 makes LCF easier to deal with and more attractive to new clients

Times quicker

Deal critical documents are created 7 times more quickly without the use of Microsoft Word

Liquid Corporate Finance’s Challenges

LCF’s clients are often out on site and rarely at a computer or near printing equipment. When LCF sent over GDPR and Offer Letter documentation for signing, these would often not be signed and returned for days pushing back proposal completions.

Proposal completion times would be stretched up to four days until appropriate directors were back in the office to print and sign documents. As a result, clients took longer to get funded and LCF would be paid significantly more slowly.

As a small brokerage, any time spent on administration was not spent on winning and closing new business. To prepare and send required documentation would take hours per week of manual, fiddly work in PDFs and Word documents.

This significantly impacted their ability to take on new clients and grow in line with their ambitious targets.

How Doc2 Helped

Since implementing Doc2, LCF’s GDPR and Offer Letter documents are returned in minutes not days. They can now start the credit search and proposal steps significantly earlier, resulting in the clients
being funded sooner.

Owner operator clients who are often out on site are able to quickly and easily sign critical documents on their mobile devices. This gives them peace of mind that quick progress is being made on their financing and that they do not need to return to the office.

LCF are able to constantly monitor the status of each of their documents at a glance, sending reminders if required. They can now focus on winning new business rather than frustrating and slow administration.

“It saves me days across the whole transaction. Once you’ve used Doc2 you just can’t see yourself not using it.”

What makes Doc2 special?

Create documents with questions

Using logical questions,
enables the creation of your
documents in a simple
understandable manner.

Accurate and compliant
documents are then built-in
seconds, based on your
answers, using your templates.

Companies House integration

Lookup company data directly
from Companies House. Pull
company names, addresses
and registration numbers into
your contracts with a click.

Minimise copying and pasting,
reduce human error and
empower your employees to
create contracts with ease.

Effortless eSigning for your clients

Send your documents to be
eSigned with a click. Clients
follow the unique link and
simply type their name to

No downloading, printing or
scanning. The eSigned
document is then emailed to all
parties with a signing
certificate attached.

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