So it’s been a while in the making, but our Just eSign feature is now here! Phew.

Doc2 has always been focused on making the creation, management and eSigning of repetitive contracts quick and easy. Despite this, we were acutely aware that for the <10% of contracts that didn’t come from a template, they could be a pain to sign through Doc2.

Alas, this is no longer the case! Now, we truly are the complete package for your SME contracts with this new feature release.

Watch it in action

See how quick and easy it is to eSign Word and PDF documents with the all-new Just eSign feature from Doc2.

What sort of documents is Just eSign for?

Doc2 is designed to automate the process of templated documents, for example, Service Agreements, Engagement Letters and Introducer Agreements. The platform enables you to create, send and eSign these without touching Word, Email or a PDF. However, we know that within businesses there are sometimes documents that need signing that do not come from templates. Or are created sufficiently infrequently that it doesn’t make sense to template them.

For example, one-off employment contracts, or completely bespoke agreements that you won’t enter into again. Maybe it’s the end of the financial year and you need to sign your accounts?

Although these documents need signing, they may not need automating. As such, with Just eSign now available you can get these signed in just a few simple clicks!

How does Just eSign work?

We spent a lot of time looking at the traditional eSigning websites and as usual, decided to go our own way. We’ve made our eSigning incredibly simple to use. Drag, drop, name the signatories, position their signatures and send. Yes, it really is that simple! Those ad-hoc documents can be sent out for eSigning in seconds.

Does it have cool features too?

Yup. It does. We know that our customers use Doc2 to automate as many of their documents as possible. But sometimes you might need to make adjustments to them that are outside the scope of the automation. In these instances, you can align the uploaded document to an existing template. This means it will show up with all of the others of that same template.

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