Happy New Year from the Doc2 team! As we march into 2024 with renewed vigour, we’re excited to announce a suite of enhancements that promise to elevate the contract creation and eSigning experience for finance professionals and other B2B businesses. Let’s dive into the details of our January product updates and explore how they can benefit you.

Improved UK Address Lookup

Gone are the days of manually inputting lengthy addresses. Our improved UK address lookup feature now allows you to quickly find any UK address with just a postcode and house number. This little gem of a feature is all about saving time and reducing errors, ensuring your contracts contain accurate information with minimal fuss.

Pull HubSpot Deal Information

Attention all HubSpot users! Our integration has levelled up. You can now pull deal data directly into your documents, alongside contact and company information. This means a more comprehensive data capture with less manual entry, leading to a smoother workflow and more time to focus on what really matters – closing deals.

FCA FRN Number Lookup

For our finance gurus, we’ve introduced an FCA FRN number lookup feature. Now, verifying a company’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registration number is as easy as inputting the company name. This feature directly connects to the FCA database, offering peace of mind and compliance with a few simple clicks.

Improved UX on External Form Requests

We’ve listened to your feedback and revamped the user experience for external form requests. Instead of a daunting list of fields, you’ll find a more condensed and intelligible format. This means a clearer understanding for external parties and a smoother process for everyone involved.

Numerous Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

As always, we’re squashing bugs and making incremental improvements to ensure Doc2 runs like a well-oiled machine. These tweaks might go unnoticed, but they’re hard at work behind the scenes to provide you with a more stable and reliable platform.

These January updates are just the beginning. We have our sights set on even more integrations and process enhancements in the near future. At Doc2, we’re committed to evolving with your needs, and we can’t wait to share what’s next.

If you have any questions about these new features or how they can benefit your workflow, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Here’s to a productive start to the year – let’s make it a great one together!