The world of finance is fast-paced and demands efficiency in every aspect, especially when it comes to the signing of important documents. Recognising this need, Doc2 has introduced a groundbreaking new feature: eWitnessing. This feature is set to revolutionise how deeds and other critical documents requiring a witness are handled digitally.

Who is this for?

eWitnessing is tailor-made for finance professionals who need their documents witnessed as part of the signing process. This includes those within finance firms that often get documents signed as deeds. With the introduction of eWitnessing, these businesses can now ensure that their documents are not only signed but also witnessed in compliance with legal requirements, all within the digital realm.

How does it work?

Using eWitnessing is as simple as sending a normal document for eSigning with Doc2’s user-friendly platform. When setting up a template, you can specify where witness details should appear by including a specific tag. During the signing process, signatories will be prompted to input their witness’s email address (unless pre-set), following which an email with a unique code is sent to the witness. Both parties can then complete their respective signings while being in each other’s physical presence—fulfilling legal requirements with ease.

Streamlining the digital witnessing process

Gone are the days when witnessing a document meant coordinating schedules and physical meetings. The eWitnessing feature streamlines the entire process by enabling it to be done digitally. But it doesn’t stop there; eWitnessing verifies the witness’s email address and collects essential data such as their full name, address, occupation, and signature. This ensures that every witnessed document adheres to legal standards without sacrificing convenience or security.

Verifying witness authenticity

Doc2’s eWitnessing understands that authenticity is key in legal documentation. Therefore, it not only collects comprehensive data from witnesses but also requires them to be physically present alongside signatories during signing. This crucial step ensures that witnesses can genuinely attest to having observed signatories affix their signatures on documents.

Compatibility with existing features

For those wondering about compatibility with other features like Just eSign—eWitnessing currently integrates seamlessly within Doc2 templates but is not available for non-template based Just eSign documents. This ensures that when using templates that require witnessing, you have access to all necessary functionalities without any hassle.

Embrace efficiency with confidence

The introduction of eWitnessing by Doc2 marks an exciting advancement for finance professionals looking to embrace digital efficiency without compromising on compliance or security. It’s time to say goodbye to the cumbersome processes of old and welcome this innovative feature into your workflow.

Ready to experience how eWitnessing can transform your document handling? Try out this feature alongside all our other amazing features on Doc2’s 14-day free trial here.

Doc2 continues its commitment to providing solutions that cater specifically to the needs of modern finance professionals, ensuring your business stays ahead in a digital-first world.