We understand to start and grow a business involves hard work, dedication and determination. At Doc2 we work long days to develop and build the business. We have good days and occasionally not so good days. Some days are challenging. But, then we have days that are huge. These days give us a real boost and sense of achievement. So these are the best days! Recently, one of our highlights was agreeing on a Smarta partnership.

Perseverance pays off

Last week we had a great day. A double thumbs up sort of day. We agreed a new partnership with Smarta (a Transmit Startups Brand). Smarta helps ambitious, independent businesses with advice. Smarta gives access to a community of like-minded business owners. Crucially, they recommend carefully selected business tools and solutions.

We are delighted that Smarta recognised Doc2 as a product important for new fast-growing businesses. As they only endorse one business per sector, the Smarta Partnership is a big win for us. In other words, it is an acknowledgement of our growing success and presence in the market. Check out our features to see why we were chosen.

Listed with giants

The Smarta Partnership means that we are endorsed along with digital giants Shopify, Squarespace, Aviva and O2. Firstly, it is a thrill to see our company recommended along with global players. Secondly, it means Smarta recognises Doc2 as leading the way in the digital document automation market. Finally, it signifies that hard work pays off.

“Doc2 really meets a need that we see over and over in the startup businesses we support. We are thrilled to have them as part of Smarta’s product ranges, helping businesses to thrive.”

Richard Myers, Commercial Director, Smarta
Our journey is accelerating

Smarta has a strong track record and shares the same target market as Doc2. This target market is ambitious SME’s. Doc2 is signing up new customers daily as our company grows. Above all, we believe our success meant Smarta chose us over competitors in the digital automation market.