We’re really excited to release our Salesforce integration. Efficiency and effectiveness is paramount when creating contracts, so having the ability to pull key data from your CRM before sending a document to be eSigned is of utmost importance. Salesforce has over 150,000 customers all over the world and is an excellent platform for Doc2 customers to benefit from integrating with.

What does the Salesforce integration do?

This integration allows you to connect your Salesforce CRM account with your Doc2 account. Once you’re connected, you will be able to pull data from your CRM directly into documents you create in Doc2. In practice, this means you can pull data related to a record, error-free, every single time. For example, search an opportunity, and pull through the key metadata such as prices, names, quantities and descriptions.

How do I set it up?

Setting it up is simple:

  1. Connect your Salesforce account through the App page under Settings
  2. Go to ‘Edit Template’, edit the lastest version of the template
  3. Find the field you want to lookup from, say ‘opportunity name’
  4. Set the field type as external data, then pick Salesforce
  5. Set what data you want to feed into each field
  6. Submit and you’re done!

If you have any issues connecting and using it, just contact us on the live chat at the bottom of the page and we will help you get up and running!

The integration only works on Salesforce Professional, Salesforce Enterprise and Salesforce Unlimited.

Want a different integration?

Do you want us to integrate with a different CRM or other data source? Feel free to drop us a message on the live chat or email us at support@doc2.co with any suggestions for future integrations.

Use Salesforce, but don’t have a Doc2 account yet? Sign up for the 14-day proof of concept today.