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Sedulo Accelerates Deal Closures and Enhances Client Onboarding with Doc2

Manchester, UK
Financial Services

With experts across a range of financial disciplines and departments, Sedulo supports businesses at every stage of their journey, from startup to some of the biggest brands in the world.

Sedulo, a prominent financial services firm, faced challenges in document management that slowed down their client onboarding and deal closure processes.

The firm’s reliance on manual document creation and signing methods was not only time-consuming but also hindered their responsiveness to client needs.

With the adoption of Doc2, Sedulo has transformed its approach to document management.

The platform’s intuitive interface and efficient eSigning capabilities have significantly reduced the time taken to complete and execute documents, leading to faster deal closures and an improved client onboarding experience.

Josh Perry

It’s a really simple way to share documents with clients and receive them back with minimal delay.

Josh Perry, Partner, Sedulo

Intuitive platform that requires minimal training for new staff

5 days

Client engagement process streamlined significantly


Plans with features that support business expansion

Sedulo's challenges

Before integrating Doc2 into their operations, Sedulo’s teams were bogged down by a cumbersome document management process.

The firm relied on manually amending Word documents for each contract or letter required from clients. These documents were then converted to PDFs, emailed to clients, who had to print, sign, scan, and send them back.

This not only introduced delays but also posed a challenge for clients without easy access to printing and scanning facilities.

The manual process added days, sometimes weeks, to the deal signing process, impacting the firm’s ability to quickly respond to client needs and start delivering services.

How Doc2 solved these challenges

Doc2 revolutionised Sedulo’s document management process with its simplicity, efficiency, and user-friendly interface. The platform enabled Sedulo’s sales and consulting teams to quickly generate engagement letters for new business as well as manage contract renewals efficiently.

One of the key benefits Sedulo experienced was the significant reduction in time from client agreement to service delivery. “It would be fair to say we’re shaving 4 to 5 days from the engagement process by using Doc2,” noted Josh Perry.

Moreover, Doc2’s scalable plans have proven cost-effective for Sedulo, aligning with their expansion goals across multiple teams and offices.

The platform’s licence-based model offered a more favourable pricing structure compared to competitors’ envelope-based models, making it an ideal choice for a growing firm like Sedulo.

What makes Doc2 special?

Custom branding

Custom branding ensures that your clients have a consistent branded experience at every touch point. From the emails to the eSigning page.

Just eSign

For non-templated documents, simply drag and drop your PDF or Word documents into the Just eSign feature and keep all of your eSigned documents in one place.

Audit logs

Keep on top of your document compliance with detailed audit logs. See what all of your employees have done and ensure documents are in the right state.

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