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Finspire Finance: Achieves professional credibility with Doc2

Finspire Finance Limited
London, UK
Commercial Finance

Finspire Finance, co-founded by Blake Bull and Curtis Bull, offers tailored financial solutions for UK businesses ranging from £5k to £200m+. Committed to ethical practices, client satisfaction, and streamlining the application process through modern tech-tools like Doc2, Finspire guides businesses toward their goals by delivering indispensable financial consultations and granting access to an expansive range of financial instruments.

Finspire Finance, a dynamic commercial finance broker, faced significant challenges with document management and compliance, impacting their ability to build trust with new clients.

Their manual processes were not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, casting a shadow on their professionalism in the eyes of potential prospects.

The implementation of Doc2, provided by their principal firm, marked a turning point for Finspire Finance.

The platform’s seamless contract creation and eSigning capabilities dramatically improved their operational efficiency and compliance, fundamentally legitimising their business.

Curtis Bull

Doc2 is the perfect tool to streamline your processes and eliminate compliance risks. It has fundamentally legitimised our brokerage, whilst making us more efficient and credible.

Curtis Bull, Founder, Finspire Finance
Documents Signed in 30 Minutes

A drastic improvement from previous week-long waits.

Template updates

Compliance updates are now integrated in seconds, ensuring consistent and compliant documents.

Success rate with reminders

Where documents are not signed, reminders encourage signing with a high success rate.

Finspire Finance's challenges

Before Doc2, Finspire Finance grappled with a cumbersome document management process that was both inefficient and prone to errors. Adjusting documents manually consumed valuable time and resources, detracting from their core business activities.

The need for frequent updates to templates from their principal firm added another layer of complexity. These required tedious manual incorporations into Word documents. This not only increased the workload but also heightened the risk of compliance issues.

Perhaps most critically, these challenges were hindering Finspire Finance’s ability to present itself as a credible and professional entity to new clients and partners.

Equally, sending documents out manually requiring wet signatures meant they would often be waiting weeks for documents to be returned. In a sector where trust and efficiency are paramount, this was an untenable situation that demanded an immediate solution.

How Doc2 solved these challenges

Finspire Finance’s principal firm, White Rose Finance, implemented a template library for their ARs to install their templates. Finspire Finance now has instant compliance updates and can confidently send professional documents to clients on the go.

“Clients can now sign and complete documents in seconds,” Curtis Bull noted, highlighting how this efficiency has been crucial in legitimising their operations to new clients.

The assurance that emails containing contracts reach clients’ primary inboxes without being flagged as spam further reinforced this legitimacy – an issue encountered with a previous eSign provider. 

The ease with which updates from their principal firm are integrated into templates within seconds, means that Finspire Finance is compliant with every document they issue. This has not only streamlined their operations, but also provided peace of mind knowing that they are always meeting regulatory requirements.

What makes Doc2 special?

Custom branding

Custom branding ensures that your clients have a consistent branded experience at every touch point. From the emails to the eSigning page.

Just eSign

For non-templated documents, simply drag and drop your PDF or Word documents into the Just eSign feature and keep all of your eSigned documents in one place.

Audit logs

Keep on top of your document compliance with detailed audit logs. See what all of your employees have done and ensure documents are in the right state.

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