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Empowering Efficiency: Training Staff Quickly for Success at Business Development Directors

Business Development Directors Limited
Tilbury, UK
Finance Consultancy

Business Development Directors, founded in 2020, provides specialised services such as commercial brokerage and debt advisory, focusing on sectors like franchising and property. With over 90 years of collective experience, the team offers tailored financial solutions and consultancy to foster long-term, sustainable growth for businesses.

Business Development Directors’ (BDD) contract process with Word documents was inefficient and more susceptible to errors.

This cumbersome method meant BDD were unable to delegate tasks to junior staff, without compromising compliance.

By introducing standardisation, BDD has confidence that errors are less likely to be made and the compliance process is simplified, which has allowed for more focus on strategic tasks and operational efficiency.

This change has also simplified staff training and improved compliance processes.

Francine Allen

We can quickly train and entrust junior staff to handle and send compliant documents, whilst confidently maintaining oversight with a light touch.

Francine Allen, Co-Founder, Business Development Directors Limited
Staff training

New staff can learn how to send compliant documents in minutes.

Minutes Saved Per Document

Documents previously took 40 minutes to do manually, they’re now completed in 5 minutes.


Documents are now error free due to standardised templates.

Business Development Director's challenges

BDD was grappling with the cumbersome process of using Word documents for contracts, which was not only time-consuming but also more susceptible to errors.

Francine Allen, responsible for FCA compliance, expressed her concerns about the manual documentation process and the legal implications of any mistakes. Their previous process involved manual filling, downloading, and uploading of documents.

This was not only inefficient but also hindered the company’s ability to delegate document creation to less experienced staff.

Combined, this process was time consuming and costly as the business entered a growth stage.

How Doc2 solved these challenges

By introducing standardised documentation, client onboarding documents are now completed 35 minutes more quickly than before. BDD has also eliminated the chance of errors, ensuring that documents are correct every time.

This has allowed Katie, the Operations Director, to focus on more strategic tasks rather than administrative work, significantly improving the company’s operational efficiency.

The implementation of Doc2 has not only streamlined the document creation process but also provided a sense of security for Francine Allen.

Training staff to create complex documents has become quicker and easier, further enhancing the company’s efficiency.

What makes Doc2 special?

Custom branding

Custom branding ensures that your clients have a consistent branded experience at every touch point. From the emails to the eSigning page.

Just eSign

For non-templated documents, simply drag and drop your PDF or Word documents into the Just eSign feature and keep all of your eSigned documents in one place.

Audit logs

Keep on top of your document compliance with detailed audit logs. See what all of your employees have done and ensure documents are in the right state.

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