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Create, send and eSign your Terms of Business documents in under 30 seconds. Managing the status of your Terms of Businesses has never been so easy.

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Create your agreements
in seconds

Your existing templates become simple forms. Fill out the form and pull in data from your CRM or Companies House. Done.

Send to client with
a single click

Just click eSign and you can move onto the next task. No converting to PDF, uploading, emailing, printing or selecting where signatures go.

Your customers eSign
with ease

Your customers will love how easy and professional it is. You will love closing deals more quickly with less time spend on paperwork.

Andy Munson
Andy Munson
Managing Director, Yorvik Business Finance Ltd
Yorvik Business Finance Ltd

To do a Terms of Business previously took 10 minutes, now they’re done in 30 seconds. Thinking about the volume of clients we have, Doc2 makes a massive saving on a weekly basis.

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Download 7 Microsoft Word automation tips

If you have a template Terms of Business and want to learn some simple and quick-to-action automation tips, download this 9 page PDF today.

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No more manual editing of Terms of Business templates

Terms of Business are simple but important documents to have in place. Being able to quickly and efficiently get them over to the prospective clients is key. It means you can commence work without delay and be paid faster.

  • Bespoke automated Terms of Business

    Impress your client with a bespoke Terms of Business delivered to them in minutes. Created from your template, from a few simple questions.

  • 1-Click eSigning

    No more printing, signing, scanning and emailing back. Simple, intuitive and seamless eSigning means Terms of Business can be eSigned and filed in no time.

  • Companies House Integration

    Populate company names, registration numbers and registered addresses straight into your Terms of Business, directly from the Companies House register. No more copy and pasting.

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Terms of Business created form your templates without the fuss

Using features designed to automate your repetitive Terms of Business documents, you will be able to create, send and eSign them more professionally. Plus they will look exactly the same as they currently do!

User friendly interface

To create Terms of Business, simply answer a few questions and click create. No Microsoft word, copy and pasting, or reformatting. Just perfect ToBs, every time, without the hassle.

Companies House integration

Terms of Business often require company data to be included before they are sent to be signed. With Doc2, you can lookup company data directly from Companies House. It will then be populated in the correct places with the correct formatting. Empowering your employees to create ToBs with ease.

Document storage and data

Terms of Business documents can be stored and filed all in one place and easily found when required. Data across all ToBs can also be downloaded in a CSV file giving you complete oversight.


What are Terms of Business?

Terms of Business are legal agreements between two or more parties that outline what is being provided and for how much and under what terms.

Who uses Terms of Business?

Terms of Business are used by businesses that provide services to individuals or other businesses. As such, Terms and Business are used in many industries, including; Recruitment, Debt Collection, Professional Services, Legal and Technology. Not sure if you should be using Terms and Conditions? Consult your lawyer.

How does Doc2 automate Terms of Business?

Doc2 takes your existing Terms of Business template and turns it into a series of questions. Meaning, you can create, send and eSign your ToB without having to use Microsoft Word, a PDF converter or email.

I want the recipient to input their own data

No problem, you can send the recipient their own form to fill in. They can even use the Companies House lookup. Doc2 then generates a new Terms of Business ready for them to eSign.

I don’t have my own Terms of Business template though

Drop us a message in the live chat, and we might be able to help with that.

Why Doc2 over traditional eSigning?

Doc2 focuses on automating the creation of your Terms of Business. This means creating them in seconds (literally) and sending them to be eSigned without using Microsoft Word or email.

Safe & Secure

Your contracts are securely created and can only be accessed by you. They are safely stored in the cloud on our UK-based AWS servers.

Web Application

We use Cloudflare technology as an additional layer of protection for your data.


Doc2 uses international standard encryption.


For additional security 2-Factor authentication can be enabled.


Forced SSL connections ensure data is always sent to and from us securely.

Tried, Tested & Trusted

Download 7 Microsoft Word automation tips

If you have a template Terms of Business and want to learn some simple and quick-to-action automation tips, download this 9 page PDF today.

Download PDF Or try Doc2 for free