We have been working with Andy Munson from Yorvik Business Finance for a number of years. Andy kindly worked with us to record this video testimonial. You can read a full, written success story for Yorvik Business Finance here. Or, watch the video below.

Who are Yorvik Business Finance?

Yorvik Business Finance are an independent, whole of market business and commercial finance broker, providing unregulated lending solutions. They support UK-based SMEs with access to funding. They provide their services of business finance in York, but also operate throughout the UK.

Video Transcript

It’s just genuinely amazing the time that it has saved us as a business, so that we can focus on doing what we do best, and actually sourcing funding for clients.

So, I am Andy Munson, I am the managing director of Yorvik Business Finance.

We are commercial business finance brokers.

We had drafted, and were sending out manually, documentation.

Which was very, very time-consuming.

Clients were having to print it off. Sign it. Scan it back. It was just a pain, to be honest.

We got up and running with Doc2 within a day.

I think maximum twenty four hours, we can send out our GDPR documentation.

We can send our Terms of Business.

Where again we just have to put the date, company name, because obviously that’s bespoke.

My favourite feature of Doc2 is actually the tracking where you can see when the client has opened a document, and also how long they’ve looked at it for.

I’d recommend Doc2 to any company that has an element of form filling that could be automated to save time.

So we couldn’t imagine working without Doc2, the the time it saves us, the professionalism that we get from Doc2, and just everything all encompassing.

There’s no way we’d we’d be able to run our business effectively as we do now, if we didn’t have Doc2.

Please do contact us if you would like to find out how Doc2 can support your business.