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Streamlining Walmer Group’s sales process increased team capacity

Walmer Group Ltd
London and Leeds, UK
Business Innovation Funding

Walmer Group is a one-stop hub for innovation and growth funding. It specialises in Research & Development (R&D) Tax Loans, Investor Relations, Grants and R&D Tax. Walmer Group has a particular focus on sustainable businesses in the UK.

Checking and revising contracts was time-consuming for Walmer Group. It slowed up the sales process and limited numbers of sales meetings.

Dropping information into key documents for clients took valuable time and needed to be checked for accuracy.

In addition to creating contracts, Doc2 has removed the need to constantly having to review them due to added controls put in place.

Once a document is completed and confirmed, it can be eSigned immediately, making a frictionless sales process and increasing capacity for the sales team.

James Campbell

From an operational point of view, we always had to review key information.  Now we know all the information in the contract is 100% correct. That makes a huge difference.

James Campbell, Director of Sales, Walmer Group
Hours Saved Per Week

The sales and operations teams are saving 1 hour per week each since implementation.

Sending contracts to clients

Clients receive their contracts quickly, ensuring a quick sales process.

Templates Automated

Contracts across the business have been automated.

Walmer Group’s Challenges

Prior to implementing Doc2 the sales team had to return to the office to send out contracts. This wasted time and meant fewer sales meetings could be taken on – or there was a delay in getting contracts to clients.

Contracts needed to be revised and reissued due to incomplete or wrong data. This happened on a weekly basis, impacting sales speed.

Creating legally binding contracts involved dropping in key information in the correct places of contract templates. New team members took time to be trained on the process and required supervision.

The manual process often led to unprofessional-looking documents. Formatting could be a problem and ultimately reflect poorly on the Walmer Group brand.

How Doc2 Helped

Contracts can now be issued quickly without returning to the office.  This streamlined the sales process, resulted in more signed contracts and freed up time for the sales team to have more meetings.

Clients expect diligence, even small mistakes can cost business. Walmer Group has complete confidence in the integrity of the data due to it being pulled directly from Companies House and auto-filled in their contracts.

Growing quickly, Walmer Group has eliminated the margin for error with their key documentation. New team members are trained in minutes and can focus on new sales deals, rather than learning documentation processes.

“I must mention customer service. Doc2 go above and beyond what I experienced with other companies in the market”

What makes Doc2 special?

Create documents with questions

Using logical questions enables the creation of your documents in a simple understandable manner.

Accurate and compliant documents are then built-in seconds,  based on your answers, using your templates.

Companies House integration

Lookup company data directly from Companies House. Pull company names, addresses and registration numbers into your contracts with a click.

Minimise copying and pasting, reduce human error and empower your employees to create contracts with ease.

Effortless eSigning for your clients

Send your documents to be eSigned with a click. Clients follow the unique link and simply type their name to eSign.

No downloading, printing or scanning. The eSigned document is then emailed to all parties with a signing certificate attached.

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