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Law firm confidently and compliantly sending out Engagement Letters in two minutes

Marlborough House Partners LLP
Chelmsford, UK
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Key trusted advisors to entrepreneurs and businesses, helping them grow and turn good ideas into profitable enterprises.

SRA regulated firm, Marlborough House Partners LLP (MHP), previously stored Engagement Letter (EL) templates on a document management system.

To create new ELs, these were manually edited, saved onto a desktop and uploaded to DocuSign. A slow and risky process, often taking up to 20 minutes.

After implementing Doc2, this onboarding process was streamlined. Compliant ELs are now created in two minutes and sent for eSigning with a single click.

Partners are confident documents are accurate without the need for a word processor and clients find signing them very simple.

Caroline De Rougemont

Doc2 has transformed our onboarding process. We can now confidently and compliantly send out Engagement Letters in under two minutes – I actually enjoy using it!

Caroline De Rougemont, COO and Partner, Marlborough House Partners LLP
Minutes before Doc2

It took 20 minutes to create ELs and send them for eSigning

Minutes with Doc2

From the moment an EL is required to it being in the clients’ inbox

In Engagement Letters

Partners have complete confidence in the quality of ELs being sent out

Marlborough House Partners’ Challenges

MHP previously had a template version of their Retainer and ELs on a document management system that all employees and partners had access to.

Manually editing this template and saving new documents risked mistakes. Additionally, data copied from Companies House was slow and inconvenient.

Once edited, it was saved to their desktops before being uploaded to DocuSign – signature positions were then manually selected.

This disjointed process was slow, left open numerous areas for compliance errors and didn’t empower fee earners to create their own ELs.

How Doc2 Helped

MHP’s Retainer and EL templates have now be transformed into short dynamic forms. Meaning new, compliant, documents are created from them in two minutes, ready for eSigning.

Client onboarding has been transformed from a fiddly, slow and potentially risky process into a quick, seamless and enjoyable task.

Complete audit logs contribute towards SRA compliance. Seamless technology ensures fee earner time is focused on fee earning work. There is now complete confidence that the documents being sent to clients are correct as they are driven by their own templates without the need for human, manual adjustment.

Going forward, MHP plan to utilise Doc2 for more tasks including KYC checklists as well as PEPs and sanctions checks.

What makes Doc2 special?

Create documents with natural language questions

Using logical natural language questions, enables the creation of your documents in a simple understandable manner.

Accurate and compliant documents are then built in seconds,  based on your answers, using your templates.

Companies House integration

Lookup company data directly from Companies House. Pull company names, addresses and registration numbers into your contracts with a click.

Minimise copying and pasting, reduce human error and empower your employees to create contracts with ease.

User friendly interface

Navigating Doc2 is easy. It is beautifully designed, so you can create, send and eSign documents in seconds.

New employees can be trained in a matter of minutes. Meaning there is no need for complex user onboarding sessions.

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