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Empower your team to create contracts accurately with Doc2

Granted Consultancy Ltd
Exeter & London, UK
Funding Services

A strategic business consultancy that specialises in identifying and securing non-dilutive funding to support companies with the development and commercialisation of new and innovative products, services and technologies.

Granted Consultancy used to store agreement templates in a cloud drive. However, this could result in employees saving versions onto their desktops.

These were then downloaded, manually edited, reviewed and reuploaded to DocuSign for eSigning.

After implementing Doc2, this process was streamlined. Employees were empowered to create, send and eSign contracts compliantly.

Directors trust that the latest template version is always used through a simple, yet comprehensive, contract management solution.

Tom Kennard

Doc2 has empowered Granted, reduced risk and helped us realise significant time and cost savings. The perfect combination of compliance and efficiency for any organisation that has any contractual requirements.

Tom Kennard, Director, Granted Consultancy
Minutes before Doc2

It took 30 minutes to create NDAs and send them for eSigning

Minutes with Doc2

From the moment an NDA is required to it being in the clients’ inbox

Less review time

Trust in the templates, means less director time is required to review contracts

Granted Consultancy’s Challenges

Granted Consultancy had a number of template contracts, including; NDAs, Service Agreements and Partnership Agreements, all stored on a cloud drive.

Each template had to be downloaded. Then a number of highlighted variables such as company names and addresses were updated manually. Often sourcing data from Companies House.

Once saved as PDFs, these were uploaded to DocuSign. Positions for the signatures had to be selected and were then sent to be eSigned.

The directors of Granted Consultancy reviewed every document that went for signature. As a growing business, this process was becoming laborious. They required a more complete, efficient way to manage contractual documents to support their growth.

How Doc2 Helped

Granted Consultancy’s bespoke template library was set up in days. Now, agreements and NDAs are created in seconds, pulling and validating data directly from Companies House.

The Granted team have been empowered to create, send and eSign contracts. Freeing up time to focus on business growth.

Now, there is no risk that anyone is using outdated versions of agreements saved on their desktops. This previously unaddressed risk has been resolved with simple template version control.

Granted Consultancy now has a simple, yet comprehensive contract management solution that their previous provider was unable to offer.

What makes Doc2 special?

Create documents with natural language questions

Using logical natural language questions, enables the creation of your documents in a simple understandable manner.

Accurate and compliant documents are then built-in seconds, based on your answers, using your templates.

Companies House integration

Lookup company data directly from Companies House. Pull company names, addresses and registration numbers into your contracts with a click.

Minimise copying and pasting, reduce human error and empower your employees to create contracts with ease.

User friendly interface

Navigating Doc2 is easy. It is beautifully designed, so you can create, send and eSign documents in seconds.

New employees can be trained in a matter of minutes. Meaning there is no need for complex user onboarding sessions.

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