Success Story
Accelerating Network Growth and Ensuring Compliance: White Rose Finance's Success with Doc2

White Rose Finance Group Limited
Selby, UK
Commercial Finance Broker Network

White Rose Finance, based in Selby, North Yorkshire, is an established and experienced commercial finance broker and broker network, serving clients across the UK. As one of the UK’s expanding commercial finance broker networks, they are harnessing technology to equip their Appointed Representatives with innovative tools to foster growth and maintain compliance.

Previously, White Rose Finance (WRF) manually ensured compliance for over 100 ARs across their broker network. Brokers received templates via email or intranet. Whenever updates were required, WRF had to manually check these with every single Appointed Representative (AR).

Prone to risks, inefficient and frustrating for the ARs, this outdated approach stifled the swift onboarding of new ARs and placed unnecessary administrative tasks on WRF’s internal operations. Furthermore, the ARs themselves were burdened with cumbersome templates that added friction to their own sales processes.

Deploying Doc2’s Management Portal and Template Library revolutionised AR onboarding and template access for WRF’s ARs. They now have complete oversight and control over the templates that the ARs use and can rollout updates in seconds, with the peace of mind that ARs are using the latest versions with zero-chasing.

This solution has not only streamlined AR onboarding, but has given back hours to their AR brokers. Enabling ARs to focus more time on business development, aiding the rapid growth of their own businesses and the WRF network as a whole.

Simon Burke

The software has brought efficiencies for our brokers using it, allowing them to win more business, whilst looking more professional with their clients.

It’s been a great addition to our network proposition and sits nicely alongside other technology that we use.

Simon Burke, Operations Director, White Rose Finance Group
Saved per deal

Fact Finds are completed in a fraction of the time, saving hours.


Templates used by the ARs are controlled by WRF.

Documents returned

The number of Fact Finds returned has increased significantly.

White Rose Finance's challenges

Before Doc2, managing and distributing key documents to ARs was a cumbersome task for WRF. These included Terms of Business, Fact Finds and Consent to Search templates amongst others. 

The process was reliant on manual Word templates, which were distributed via email or an intranet. Ensuring each AR updated their local versions was not only time-consuming but fraught with potential for errors and inconsistencies. A known, but little managed risk.

This outdated system was hindering the onboarding of new ARs and the overall growth of the network, as well as affecting the ARs’ ability to efficiently manage their administration and focus on business development.

ARs were burdened with templates that created significant friction on deals, slowing sales cycles and creating unnecessary administration. This created a negative impact on their end clients, themselves and the WRF network.

How Doc2 solved these challenges

The adoption of Doc2’s Management Portal and Template Library solution revolutionised WRF’s operations. Allowing for both onboarding of ARs and compliant distribution of WRF templates to ARs for their personal use.

The platform allowed for seamless onboarding of new ARs, with AR Agreements and FCA checklists sent swiftly to prospective brokers. Frictionless onboarding allowed for brokers to start operating more quickly.

Furthermore, ARs can now simply install the required WRF templates, knowing that it is the most up to date version. WRF can centrally update templates knowing these would instantly be reflected across all AR accounts.

This not only saved valuable time but also ensured consistency and compliance in a constantly changing regulatory landscape. Dual-editable Fact Finds and seamless Terms of Businesses can be sent in seconds, resulting in an increased capacity to grow the ARs book of business and more satisfied end clients. Barbara Cacao of CC Finance, an AR of WRF, stated that it “makes paperwork really easy for all involved.”

Simon Burke, Operations Director, lauded the platform’s impact, saying, “The speed at which we’re able to take care of administration has been massive for us and our broker network. It is allowing our ARs to spend time on business development and closing deals – we’ve seen increased volumes and pipelines  since rolling out Doc2.”

What makes Doc2 special?

Template Library

Ensure compliance with centrally managed templates. They can be used by multiple organisations and updated across your network with ease.

Management Portal

Have multiple brands, limited companies or organisational units that require separate Doc2 accounts? The management portal is for you.

Companies House Lookup

Pull company names, addresses, and registration numbers directly into your contracts with just one click. Ensures that you get accurate data, reduce human error and empower your employees to create contracts with ease.

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