We’ve got some very exciting news for our current users and future users!

We have partnered with The Law Boutique, the 21st century startup lawyers trusted by the likes of Monzo, Babylon and Curve.

The Law Boutique specialises in startup law, providing their clients with bespoke contracts, contract review and on-going legal support. The Law Boutique and Doc2 are therefore a perfect fit, with The Law Boutique providing Doc2 ready bespoke contracts for your business.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a startup business and don’t have your contracts set up and ready, or, if you have contracts but want to make sure they’re watertight, The Law Boutique can help. Using their expert startup lawyers, they can advise and build your bespoke contract templates. Ready to get going? You can arrange a free of charge call with one of their lawyers here.

Want to find out more information? Head on over to our templates page for The Law Boutique.