Over the past few years, and even more so at the moment (ahem), remote working has become increasingly more popular. If you’re trying to mobilise your workforce remotely for the first time, we thought we would give you a super-quick rundown of the top 5 pieces software you need in your repertoire to make the most out of your distributed team.

5. Zoom

Arguably one of the best video conferencing tools in the market today. It’s simple and easy to understand. The ability to share your screen makes it perfect for remote workers. If you’re getting your team remote working for the first time, Zoom allows you to continue to have face-to-face meetings without being in the same room. It’s as simple as all attendees going into an online meeting room via a unique link.

With free meetings up to 40 minutes long, using it may even make your meetings more efficient!

4. Slack

Good communication is key. If your employees are working remotely, you may find that communicating with them on specific projects to be difficult. You can’t just ask a quick question to them on the desk next to you. Slack is a fantastic tool that enables better collaboration for multiple different projects at once. Chats can be split into different channels, enabling more efficient use of time whilst working remotely.

It might seem like a glorified version of WhastApp or Facebook Messenger at first, but once you delve into the plethora of features designed for business, you will see that it’s much much more than just a chat tool.

3. Google Drive

Managing, sharing and working on different documents with a team that is not working in the same place can be a challenge. In fact, many businesses still store and save their files directly on to their computer hard drives. Doing this really can limit the effectiveness of a remote workforce. This is where Google Drive comes in.

Google Drive stores all of your documents in the cloud, allowing your staff to collaborate and continue working efficiently together.

2. Trello

Trello allows you to keep track of projects in a simple and (and dare I say it) fun way. The ease at which you can move milestones up and down trackers gives you a great sense of achievement, whilst giving you complete oversight of a project. Whether it’s for marketing, development or anything else, you can build custom boards to help your work at home employees keep on top of their tasks!

1. Doc2

Ultimately, almost every business must get a contract, agreement, NDA or terms signed before undertaking work for a client. This is a necessary and pivotal part of how businesses operate in the 21st century. The process is often delegated to sales, legal, operations or administrative teams under the guidance of their seniors. If the team is distributed, oversight can become more difficult, with potentially disastrous consequences. Worst case, this can lead to serious legal, compliance and reputational risks to the business.

Doc2 provides business owners with complete control and oversight of the contract process. Employees get a simple, beautiful and intuitive platform to work with. Audit and compliance logs are kept for every contract, so business owners can now sit comfortably knowing their staff are still sending out their contracts, within the constraints that they have set. Not only does this ensure business continuity, but also adds further controls to a necessary process.

With a 14-day free trial and starting from just £10/user per month, Doc2 gives SME businesses the control they have always wanted and at prices that they can afford.