Growing your business can feel like a long, hard process. Finding leads. Nurturing them. Closing the sale. And getting your customer to sign a contract.

It feels like your leads could drop off at any point with even the slightest mistake. That’s why it’s so important that you make every step of your sales process as effortless and as smooth as possible. Don’t give your lead a reason to say no, whether that’s in your initial outreach or at the point that they sign up with you – every step counts.

Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why making your contracting process seamless can win you more customers.

Time getting your contract over to them

They’ve said yes! Time to celebrate? No. It’s time to get them to sign a contract – this is the most important part of the deal – getting it in writing. Imagine how impressed your lead would be if you could get the contract over to them in a matter of minutes – very. On the flip side, if you took days, or even weeks, to get it over to them, they’re not going to have a very positive view on your proactivity. This could potentially result in the win falling through. So how timely you get your contracts created and sent over for signing could be a deal-breaker. Why risk it?

Easy for them to sign

We’ve all received contracts to sign that we’ve had to download, sign, scan, upload then email back. Some people don’t have easy access printers, so signing could take days, maybe even weeks because of a lack of access to hardware. Next, is the hassle factor, that process alone could take upwards of 45 minutes, which is not going to leave your lead very happy. Finally, you have no control over what they send back. Maybe they just send the signed page, or only scan every second page. From a legal and compliance perspective, there are so many potential pitfalls.

Each of these issues is giving your lead a reason not to sign. You’ve done the hard work and could be losing customers because of poor signing processes. Don’t forget that every minute that they haven’t signed, you can’t be doing the work, meaning it’s longer until you get paid.

Peace of mind

Good processes at the beginning of your working relationship will give your customers peace of mind that you’ve got their best interests at heart. A bad signing process is only going to make them question if they’ve made the right choice of going with you. So make sure this interaction is quick, effortless and enjoyable. You should be excited to start working together!

How can I achieve this?

Doc2 has the aim of making the “contract process quick, easy and pain-free for SME businesses all over the world”. Rather than spending hours or days manually updating your “master template” contract, simply answer a few questions, and create your contract in a matter of seconds. Rather than emailing it over to be physically signed, easily send them a link to digitally sign your contract. Making the process simple and enjoyable for both you and your new customer. And finally, give your customer peace of mind so that they know you are going to do an incredible job working together!

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